Module 4

"17 roots of freedom and peace"

The sourches of inner peace

The "SDG-roots-program" aims to combine the thematic power of the Sustainable Development Goals with the overarching human key competences. This competences are essential for freedom and peace.Sustainability is hardly done without empathy and love. In this module we practice common strategies for peaceful communication. We will improve our skills to relax and have joy and link this to what is sustainability for. 

Joy and love with those around you!

How can I advance my sustainability project to bring more justice into the world? Respect and mindfulness is a high human good!Peace becomes our inner attitude.This module enables us applying already internalized sustainable strategies. How can we protect our resolutions from unsustainable events? How can we promote our path to sustainability. How can we convince others without arguing?


No human being on our planet should live in poverty [goal 1]. No one can help others in poverty and no one should live a good life on the shoulders of others' poverty . This is not only a question of less inequality [goal 10], but also a question of how we understand economic principles. We look at the special achievements of women in the field of sustainability [goal 5]. We hear from women around the world who are making sustainable ideas happen. We will discuss common strategies for peaceful communication [goal 16]. We invite you to let the 17 thematic roots become your own sustainable roots.

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