Module 3

"17 roots of fair economy"

Take over a creative leadership for sustainability!

How can I help others with my own sustainable initiatives and also profit from them? In this module we support you with essential sustainable marketing strategies.

Sustainable communities focus on innovation, energy conservation and responsible consumption. The most important tool to achieve these goals is to know the right structure. New sustainable ideas need very special marketing. There are many interlinked side factors to save energy.

So what are the best tools to fight climate change?

What can I do to make the best energy saving strategies better understood by others? Above all, cities need to bring all sustainability goals together to be a truly sustainable city. Municipalities need to share their innovations. And you could be right at the centre of this innovative sustainable market!

We will share responsible production methods and simple ways to avoid unnecessary consumption. For example: What do we actually have to pay attention to in order to buy more sustainably in the long term?

Take over a creative leadership for sustainability in your neighbourhood.

We invite you to let the 17 thematic roots become your own sustainable roots.


Affordable and clean energy [goal 7] is of course the basis for sustainable cities and communities. Therefore, we have a great leverage on climate change action [goal 13]. It is the production chain that we can influence, keeping decent work and economic growth in mind [goal 12]. Here we can not only influence points through our purchasing behaviour, but we can also individually adjust clothing, housing, food and transport. It is indeed the case that even "old-fashioned professions", which have almost died out, are important again. It's not necessarily good what's new, but swapping, giving away and repairing have even become fashionable again. We can also make cities more lovable again through our behaviour [goal 11]. And the sustainable cultural landscape, which is threatened by industrial agriculture, can also coordinate with the needs of citizens.

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