Module 2

"17 roots of nature"

Do you believe in the power of art and nature?

We invite you to the space of streams, rivers, seas and oceans. Do you like flowers and animals? We let you take a different path. Because already with our choice of food and clothing, our means of living and transport, we consciously save the planet and ourselves.

Become more healthy with a healthy planet!

In this module we look at the essential basics of healthy living. We are reclaiming nature. We create our own overview of how we ourselves can live healthier in harmony with the earth. Health depends on many factors, especially the health of the environment.

But when people are hopelessly starving, there is no way out. It is a question of survival. With a different consciousness, we understand better and in a different way that no one on our planet should ever starve! But what does world hunger have to do with myself? In this module we will learn about the background of hunger and the starving (bio) diversity on our planet and how it is related to other factors of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.For example: How can we use water and sanitation more wisely and conserve resources. Water is essential for survival! But you need to know this: Only when you get to know our beautiful planet as a whole body and the structural connections of land use and its impact on biodiversity can we understand the nature around the corner as the basis of sustainability. 


The human food balance is very controversial [goal 2]. But there are some basics that are sustainable for both human health and the environment.This starts with clean water [goal 6] and ends with the balance of life under water [goal 14] and life on land [goal 15] . For many of us, it can no longer be taken for granted. Many people, sadly, no longer live in harmony with nature, but we can make a big difference for ourselves and others - no matter where we live - by taking care of ourselves and others and our close surroundings.

This module can be deepened with a special extra webinar by the School for Medicinal Herbs "terra arcanum", e.g. in a detox course and very special knowledge about Health and well-being [goal 15].

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