Module 1 

"17 sustainable roots"

Why participate?

How can you live more sustainably, better, healthier and more peacefully? In this module we show you a great and practical shortcut to your sustainable prosperity.

In this module we visit the seventeen goals, we link the topics to our own self-reality and recognise the own cognitive dissonance we have to the 17 topics. We make a start and learn how we can use the goals to gain more and more clarity every day, what we can do ourselves in small manageable steps.  We get into the interrelationships of the goals and  

understand why all goals are equally important and how we can keep track of them. How we can deepen some goals for ourselves and thereby change essential things in our lives. We also learn how we can enjoy life more on the first day.


Quality education [SDG 4] to achieve the entire 17 Sustainable Development Goals is a prerequisite for building partnerships [SDG 17] and essential for appropriate climate action [SDG 13]. Here you will get an overview of the potentials of the so-called "sdg-roots-program" as a learnable educational method for climate protection and for the collective cooperation of people and nations. The successful management of climate change becomes comprehensible through the "key competences of sustainability"/ [source:"Nationaler_Aktionsplan_Bildung_für_nachhaltige_Entwicklung"]

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  • get to know all 17 goals
  • deepen three goals
  • enjoy 5 times weekly online webinar exchange
  • work in a protected manual
  • part of certification program

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