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Objection to advertising e-mails
Within the framework of the legal imprint obligation, we have to publish our contact data. Our users also publish their contact details. These are sometimes used by third parties to send unsolicited advertising and information. We hereby object to any sending of advertising material of any kind not expressly authorised by us. Furthermore, we expressly reserve the right to take legal action against the unwanted and unsolicited sending of advertising material. This applies in particular to so-called spam e-mails, spam letters and spam faxes. We would like to point out that the unauthorised transmission of advertising material can affect both competition law, civil law and criminal law offences. Spam e-mails and spam faxes in particular can lead to high claims for damages if they disrupt business operations by overfilling mailboxes or fax machines.
Our Internet offer contains links to contents of other providers. These are recognisable by explicit links (e.g., by means of corresponding references in the text. In addition, external links are opened in a separate browser window. The use of these external contents may be subject to other regulations than those presented here.

In certain cases, so-called temporary cookies are used. These do not contain any personal data and are automatically deleted after the end of the session when you close your web browser.
In the case of a link, cookies from third party providers may be used without our being able to explicitly point this out to you. The most common browsers allow you to specify the processing of such cookies, so that you can deactivate the storage of these cookies or set the type of processing by your browser.

Collection of personal data in online forms
If we ask you to provide personal data (e.g. name, address or e-mail address) as part of this service, we will tell you in the relevant online form the purpose for which we collect this data and how we process it. It is your free decision whether you provide this data.

Information rights
Rights to information can be asserted in writing or by e-mail to the offices listed in the imprint. This also applies to objections to a given declaration of consent.

This offer does not currently support data encryption. When transmitting your data via the Internet, it is therefore possible that unauthorised persons may gain knowledge of it or have it altered.